In cooperation with Actuator Solutions, DIS has developed actuators for the automotive industry and mobile units.


Actuator Solutions GmbH is the world’s largest manufacturer of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuators for the automotive industry, mobile units and the pharmaceutical industry and is also a joint venture between two market-leading companies, both pioneers within their respective industry; SAES GETTERS who produce and supply SMA-wires, springs and components and Präzision SE who produce innovative precision systems for the pharmaceutical and automotive industry.


SMA belongs to a group of high-tech and super-elastic materials that can be turned into pre-defined shapes when heated.
Actuator Solutions use the SMA special features to develop innovative, compact, energy-saving and low-noise lightweight actuators for products such as microfluidic and micro-optical drives for all relevant industries.


Actuator Solutions and DIS have worked together since 2012, and DIS has contributed in the development of several different actuators for the automotive industry and for mobile units. One of the projects DIS has participated in is the mechanical design and development of a valve used for a massage function in luxury car seats. The massage function is controlled by many small valves in the seat backrest, which regulate the cyclic ventilation in the pneumatic lifting elements in a pattern so that the driver experiences the highest possible comfort while driving.
As the massage function in the car seat massage function requires many valves, it is an advantage to use compact and lightweight SMA valves compared to conventional valves.


- We have worked with DIS for several years and the advantage for us is that we have a partner who knows the SMA technology, and who knows how we at Actuator Solutions wish to implement it in our products, so that we can keep our leading position in the market for SMA actuators, says Markus Köpfer, CEO at Actuator Solutions GmbH.